What is the cost?

Our hourly rate is $65/ hour for anything we can do from our office and $85/hour for requests that take us away from the office.  We also have a range of packages on offer.  Housekeeping and cleaning serviced start at $40/hour.

How do you track my hours and how do I know the hours that I have left to use?

As you are aware all cell phones come with a timer.  These are engaged at the start of your request being processed through to completion.  A record of this is then entered into your file. We will send you an SMS when you are down to your last hour so that you can deposit into our account.

How will you know what I want?

We have an extensive questionnaire that we can complete in our initial interview with you.  Your likes and dislikes, preferences and pet peeves.  We like to get to know you personally so that we could be your new best friend who will know just how you like things.

I don’t have time to explain everything?

We appreciate your time is precious and that is one of the reasons you have sort out our assistance.  Although at the beginning of our relationship there may be a bit of time spent explaining your needs, this decreases until we need not talk for quite a while.  You will just know we are onto everything as your ‘to do’ list is actioned.

Why can’t a regular errand runner do it?

They probably could but we want you to feel entirely comfortable in a relationship of trust and reliability in us.  We look at this as a true privilege to be in your home and life.  We value this relationship and treat it with the greatest of respect.

Can’t I just do it myself?

You probably could, but trying to be all things to all people can very often be draining and stressful.  We are here to help you get your time back to enjoy the fruits of your success.  Provence and Tuscany are calling you for a visit.

How long do requests take to finish?

This depends on the request.  After viewing your requests, we can give you an estimated time frame.

How often will I hear from Above and Beyond?

Initially you will hear from us regularly. As we get to know your needs this will decrease.  If you go totally silent for over two weeks we will check in as you may be inundated and need us to step in with more help.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel.  14 days written notice is required for concierge and lifestyle services.  Cleaning and housekeeping require 48 hours’ notice with a phone call/sms otherwise you will be charged for the time of your normal service.  14 days written notice is required if you wish to cease the service.

Can I stop and start my service?

If you are unsure of how much you need us maybe you are better with our casual service. You can put your service on hold while away but remember while you are away there are many ways we may be able to assist you.  Mail box clean out, water plants, dog sitting, house sitting ect.

What can a Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager do for me?

Please see our 52 suggestions for a personal concierge/ lifestyle manager.

How does the service work?

I like to keep this simple.  You call us.  We look at ways we can help.  We pick a package that suits. You pay one week in advance.  We start on the agreed date and invoice you accordingly.

How do I know how much you are spending on my behalf?

We will keep an itemised list of time and expenditure we use on your requests. We send these to you every month or if you prefer more often we can arrange this.

Who are your service providers and can I use my own?

We have an extensive list of service providers whom we have vetted and checked.  We feel we have found the best of the best but if you have someone you prefer we are always happy to accommodate.  And who knows you may have found the one we are searching for and nothing beats a word of mouth referral.

Can you organise Dry cleaning /alterations?

We have a preferred provider for this service.  We collect your garments on our regular service day and return them on the next service day.  If you require a faster turn around this can be arranged.  There may be an extra charge.

Can you manage cleaning and handyman for me?

We have preferred providers here also and we work closely with them to co-ordinate times and details of your requirements.

Will the same person attend each time?

Yes.  Our staff travel in pairs to cleaning and housekeeping services one of the team will be a regular face.

How do I trust Above & Beyond?

Our founder has been a nurse for over 20 years in Brisbane and held housekeeping and nanny jobs in London and Hong Kong.  She has a reputation for her honesty and loyalty to clients.

All of our staff have been vetted and police checked.  They have gone through a rigorous application process and extensive training with our founder.

What do I do about giving you keys and access codes?

Keys are numbered with a client number.  No identifying markers on them. This information is stored separately to the keys.  Each are kept in secure locked areas in the office. The information is only given to staff attending your property and returned to the office for safe keeping until next required.

Do you have insurance cover?

Above and Beyond carries the appropriate insurance so you can feel confident that any incidents are covered.