There is a misconception that only you need to be rich to use a concierge service and that is far from true. Most of our clients are everyday people that just want to spend more time doing that they love or being with family rather than cleaning and running errands. When you think about how many things you do to keep your business and home running smoothly, there is actually a whole load of things you do that we can help you with. Here are some thought starters.

Wouldn’t it be great to delegate this to us?

  1. Obtain tickets to concerts, special events and sporting events.
  2. Provide transportation services – Plane, Train or automobiles
  3. Plan travel and vacations
  4. Provide business referrals – landscaper, plumber, carpenter
  5. Make Restaurant reservations and recommendations
  6. Arrange a pet service
  7. Do internet research
  8. Perform personalised shopping and delivery
  9. Run to the post office
  10. Pick up and deliver dry cleaning
  11. Do grocery shopping
  12. Stop by the hardware store
  13. Provide senior care
  14. Provide modified housesitting – waiting for a repairman or service technician
  15. Pick up or return a gift
  16. Deliver meals
  17. Conduct a home inventory – video the contents of your home and keep it in a safe place.
  18. Pay bills
  19. Take your car in for routine maintenance.
  20. Organise your home
  21. Provide a JP service
  22. Provide house cleaning
  23. Provide courier/delivery service
  24. Deliver lunch to nurses and doctors at a hospital
  25. Deliver a meal to your family or an elderly parent
  26. Pick up and deliver prescriptions
  27. Arrange for repair and service calls
  28. Return a library book or a video
  29. Provide sick care. Do things you need done while you are convalescing
  30. Provide a new mummy service
  31. Plan meetings, events and private parties
  32. Provide personal chef services
  33. Be a single parent helper
  34. Provide employee relocation services
  35. Deliver gift baskets and flowers
  36. Arrange landscaping services
  37. Remind you of special days
  38. Charter a private jet, yatch, or helicopter
  39. Assist you at your event, wedding, or conference – also called an event concierge or a wedding concierge
  40. Need security. We can arrange a security company to assist you
  41. Book day spa services
  42. Find and schedual a fashion and/or stylist consultant
  43. Provide nanny services
  44. Find an expert to help with estate planning
  45. Arrange for your tee time at the golf club
  46. Book your appointments for you
  47. Provide a butler service
  48. New to the area? A concierge will give you a tour of the town
  49. Book catering services
  50. Plan and arrange a getaway weekend
  51. Provide office help
  52. Assist with your move – Let your concierge unpack those boxes and put it all away. All you’ll need to unpack is your toothbrush.


List courtesy of Katherine C Giovanni. International Concierge Professional and Founder of The Bidwell Group

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