I have watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and I was as hooked as everyone else was. She is vivacious and very likeable. She is in fact someone I go to for inspiration and I have her books to use as references.
A friend of mine recently received her copy of the magazine her health fund sends her with and article called “Unpacking the Decluttering Trend” by Gina Flaxman.
There are interesting statements in this article. From the Current Psychology journal it found a direct link between procrastination and clutter.
Living in clutter can make us feel stressed. A study from the University of California which looked at dual income couples who felt their homes were cluttered had increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Raised cortisol levels brings a whole heap of health issues if prolonged. By decluttering we are able to increase our focus and process information better. Princeton University researchers found that clutter decreases our focus and our ability to process information. when we have an organised space we have planned the order and sequence of how things move through the space. We make better decisions and it assists in overcoming anxiety.
My advice is to start small. One draw at a time. Marie Kondo’s strategy is by category – clothes, books, papers. My suggestion is to start small and remember it always takes longer than you think it will.
Start with the socks drawer. Socks that don’t have a mate, or have holes in them get rid of them. Ones you don’t wear get rid off. Match them up and place them in a small basket in the drawer. Then they don’t get mixed with other things. This small achievement will inspire you to do another section of the drawer. That way you will also have a more joyous time doing the job.

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